I want to rent a boat infromuntil


ship-ahoy.ch gives you the opportunity to publish your boat with your chosen key data. You indicate where your boat is located and how it is equipped. No matter whether it's a motorboat, sailing boat or rowing boat: with just a few clicks, your boat is now visible to all visitors to this site. As a potential tenant, you can easily search for the boat you have in mind.


The concept of sharing is in the foreground with us! Use the possibility to get in contact with people interested in your boat, to rent your boat at a time of your choice, no matter if by the hour, day or week, and for a price determined by you! Both landlords and tenants can be rated afterwards, so that transparency is guaranteed.


The most important thing: share quality time! You enable someone to spend unforgettable hours on the lake and get to know new captains. Or you have the opportunity as a tenant to give yourself and/or your friends a few wonderful hours on the lake. According to our motto: keep it simple and share quality time!

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