Thomas Marrer

Zürichsee oder Rhein

Lake Zurich or Rheinhöhe Rekkingen AG
Or other regions possible by arrangement and surcharge.
Driving license is mandatory!
If not available, a captain can be rented daily price 150.-
Including potato salad or almond salad for approx. 6 persons plus 6lt Zurzacher mineral water 3 with carbonic acid and 3 without.
Ropes and equipment for water skiing or wakeboard available.
Full Day 10: 00-20: 00
Half day 10: 00-15: 00 or 15: 00-20: 00

On board:
1 handheld light range approx. 500 meters
6 lifejackets
2 Emergency Flashlights for Rescue (SOS)
1 First Aid Set
1 fire extinguisher
5 pledges
1 bucket
1 Nothorn
1 Emergency flag red
2 paddles
1 pump for water and air
2 ropes to tie the boat
1 mobile WC
1 support for Natel
1 vacuum cleaner
1 barbecue for the countryside
1 cooling box for beverages ez.
1 time bedding (2 grits a blanket 2X2M summer and winter)
1 towing device for water skiing ez.

The boat

Boat type: Motorboat

Brand: Allante 185A

Model: Champion

Permitted number of persons: 6

Engine: 115 HP

Fuel: Petrol








bed utensils



Price per Day: 550.00 CHF

Insurance per Day: 0.00 CHF

Fixed costs: 150.00 CHF

700 CHF
Total amount
550 CHF x 1 day 550 CHF
Fixed price per rental 150.00 CHF
Total amount 700 CHF
Es ist keine automatische Versicherung für dieses Boot verfügbar.