You want to rent a boat? Here you have the possibility to register as a renter by entering your personal data just once. Simple, easy and safe

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How do I become a renter?

How does the registration work?

Registration is very simple: you can enter your personal data, choose a user name and password and create your profile. The password and user name you choose will allow you to log in again at any time.

What are your options?

As a renter, you have the possibility to search for the boat of your choice using various criteria: whether it is a time limit, geographical criteria or the characteristics of the preferred boat. After a successful search and mutual confirmation, you and the renter can discuss the delivery of the boat and other details with each other using the integrated chat function.

What do you need to know as a renter?

Payment procedure

As soon as you have rented a boat, you will be asked to pay the rental company by credit card. A transparent overview of the costs incurred is visible. In addition, you can decide for yourself whether you want to save your credit card information for a future reservation or whether you want to enter it again.


As a boat driver, you are responsible for safety on the water and for preventing damage to the boat. We trust that you are aware of this and that you take responsibility for all passengers and the rented boat. For more information, please see the Do's and Don'ts section.